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Christmas Flowers Thank You

Church of St. Michael

Thank you for the Christmas Flower Donations In Memory & Honor of Loved Ones
Curt& Mary Amiot Nancy Anderson in memory of Carl & Nat Anderson, and Anderson & Spooner families
Duane & June Andrist John & Delores Archer Gerry & Catherine Arnold Ted & Sarah Bauer Janet Bauch in memory of Kollasch Families and Bauch Families William & Pamela Beaulieu Clementina Bermudez John Bierbaum Margaret Braaten in memory of Bob Braaten, Willy & Ella Frutiger, Rich & Jeanette Frutiger Ron & Paula Breid in memory of Carl A. Breid & Marvin W. Heins Brian & Katie Brost Sheila Buehler Clementina Bermudez Joe Colaiano Arlene Collins in memory of D. J. & Scott Collins Richard & Jane Coomes Jeff & Sarah Devlin in memory of Ken & Bee Heinemann, John & Jean Devlin, Chester & Ona Swanson, George & Pauline Aurit Dorothy Edstrom and family in memory of Cliff Edstrom Ryan Erdmann Dean Ferber Dr. Kevin Fleming Timothy & Jennifer Fuller Kyle & Anne-Sophie Kalutkiewicz Kathleen Karlen Linda Kelly in memory of Francis Kelly Joseph & Crystal Kerian Steve & Mary Kingsbury Dan & Pamela Kohrs in memory of Dorothy Schreier, Peter Schreier, Bev Kohrs, Mert Kohrs Joanne Kollasch in memory of Gerry Kollasch & Family members Joan Krause in memory of Richard Krause James Lee Char Lenn in memory of Charlie Lenn Kenneth & Sharon Meyers in memory of Louis & Jane Henriksen and Chester & Ivalene Meyers Brian & Laurie Murray in memory of Carl & June Murray John & Jill Palof in honor of Tom & Judy Heinowski and Joseph & Mary Palof, Paula Plummer Michael & Theresa Ring in memory of the deceased members of Michael & Theresa Ring Families Leslie & Barb Rolfson in memory of Mike Rolfson and Sue Murray
Eric & Laurie Schultz Patrick & Amy Smith in memory of Francine Smith, Lowell Smith, Phil & Edith Howard, Paul Howard, and Andrew Howard Nancy Sowada Sharon Stanton Paul & Mary Sutton Daniel & Margaret Swanson in memory of Lawrence & Ger-trude Lofgren and Mitch Jensen Barbara Tauzell Rosemary Turk in memory of Melvin & Marcine Turk Adam & Tonya Van Slyke in honor of Xavier Charles AnneRose Wanjiru Keith & Megan Warnke Fr. Kasel in memory of all deceased relatives

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