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Parish Safety


Dear Parishioners: I am in the early stages of developing a parish committee dedicated to forming a Parish Emergency Action Response Plan for Inclement Weather (Tornadoes, Storms) , Emergencies (parishioner injury or health crisis, parking lot accidents), and Security Threats (demonstrations, protests, etc). I hope to identify parishioners for input and volunteers - especially those with First Responder/Emergency, Medical, and Security training/skills.
Until a final action plan is completed and made known to you, the immediate response in case of an Emergency Event would be as follows:
Do Not Panic - Remain Calm. Listen to instructions from Father, Ushers, and/or Designated Personnel to Shelter In Place - ”Duck and Cover” under pews protecting the vulnerable as best as possible allowing Visual and Mobile Access to Designated Personnel to Assess and Mitigate any sort of Emergency Event. Assist families and parishioners around you, if possible. Evacuation instructions would also be issued by responsible Personnel according to the circumstances of the Event. Thank you for your attention to this important topic and your assistance. To provide your input and/or volunteer status, contact or email Fr. Kasel or Pat Smith at -- A proactive parish is a safer parish!

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