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Christmas Flowers Thank You

Church of Saint Paul

Thank you for the Christmas Flower Donations
In Memory & Honor of Loved Ones Betty Bennett in memory of Dan Bennett Sr. and Ted & Pat Anderson Byron & Barb Boraas in memory of loved ones Tricia Boyum and family Andy & Maggie Eggerichs in memory of deceased loved ones Dan & Annette Fritz in memory of Janet Quandt, Terry & Peggy Quandt, Grace & Victor Fritz, Alice & Elmer Quandt, and Ruth & Ervin Nelson Gary & Louise Gerken Randy & Shirley Gregory Duane & Jane Hinrichs Karen Hodgman Linda Kazmierczak Eugene & Bonnie Leifeld Kathy Matthees & family in memory of Jim & Millie Pauba Gary & Char Murray in memory & honor of Elbert family and Murray family Stuart & Jennifer Ohr in honor of Lois Proulx and in memory of Paul Proulx & Everett Eva Ohr Marie Robinson Fr. Kasel in memory of all deceased relatives

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