Dear Parishioners:


To encourage and foster both prayer and connecting families together here at the Church of St. Paul, we are beginning two new practic-es. First, every Tuesday, from 12noon until 1pm, a group meets in the library downstairs to pray the Holy Rosary in the Divine Will and other prayers. We invite any Parishioners to join us for these prayers as his and her time permits. As part of this prayer ministry, we have placed a box for you to share with us any of your prayer intentions. That box will now be on the cabinet in the entry way of the church. Please place your prayer requests in it; a wonderful bonus is that periodically the requests are taken to a Shrine of the Blessed Mother to ask for her intercession. Second, in the near future there will be a book on the cabinet where Parishioners can write in their prayer requests. We hope you will consider participating in these new practices! God bless you!
In Christ through Mary,
Louise Gerken,
Shirley Gregory,
Fr. Kasel